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How much should a website cost in 2020?

It does not matter what size of business you have, it is very important to have a website in today's world. To grow you business and maximize profits almost all businesses are moving towards online presence. For starters you will need a website for your company, how much does a website cost these days? What features are required? What is the cost of domain and hosting. We have answered all these questions on this page, use our free website web design calculator to find out.



How much does a website cost?

The cost of every website is different. Large enterprises who has complex functionalities required for their websites are high cost. It also depends on who is developing your website, from a small to medium developing agency to a freelancer all have different costs as per their skills. The real difference where it all comes down to is the expertise of your designer, for website which are complex and require database integrations, payment gateways, customer signups, e-commerce etc. is not something that a freelancer can develop (although some freelancers can, since they are too good!). A good design agency’s expense can run into thousands. We have included a free website price calculator tool for you to understand what would be an average approximate cost that you’re looking at when getting a website developed from us. Please note that this is not the final cost and could be less or could be more, we always love questions and talking with our clients, so feel free to contact us.

Use the tool below for a quick estimate of your website project.

Free Website Price Calculator


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