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Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Application Development

How long would it take for the app to be developed and how much would it cost?

The cost of a mobile application depends on its content, features and functionality. A basic music player application will not cost as much as a full functional e-commerce mobile application with a functional database.

For the exact quotation, please contact us and tell us your requirements so we can give you an estimate on how much your website will cost.

Will the app work on Android and iOS?

Yes, the mobile applications we build are cross platform supported meaning they work on both Android and iOS platforms.

What is the process for the app to be published on the iOS app store and Google marketplace?

Android mobile applications are published on the Google Playstore while the iOS applications are published on Apple app store. Both the stores have their requirements and prerequisites for publication of the  mobile app. Contact our team and we can guide you further how to get your app published.

Will you handle all the communication with Apple and Google app stores?

Yes, at WebVision, it is our believe to make it convenient and easy for our clients to publish their applications on both Android and Apple stores. Our team publishes the app for you on both Google and Apple digital stores.

Will my mobile app be a hybrid application or a native application?

It can be either of the two. We build both Native applications and also Hybrid mobile applications. This is decided after our first initial consultation. The charges of the hybrid app compared to Native application are different.

Will our website be secure? I have heard that they can be hacked easily?

Yes, your website will be secured, for more security related questions you can contact us and we can further guide you about SSL and encryption.